Yong He: Dim-sumptuously cheap

Yong He Dong Jiang (to give it its full name) is a Taiwanese restaurant, which is located in our neighbourhood. It serves food to customers. Despite its popularity, we can’t get too enthused about this one. Perhaps the outside projects a modicum of charm… but that is immediately sterilised on entry.

The white-washed, canteen-style rooms are cold with a grotty vibe. Isabella’s stress levels visibly increased under the intense fluorescent lighting. With no stereo, the only background music is generated by the intense ferocity with which the locals eat their food.

Likewise, there’s nothing special about this economically pleasant menu. But there are plenty of sauces and spices to make the palette dance joyously. And they do offer a wide enough array of greasy and steamed dishes to fill a void.

Perhaps this review is doing it a huge disservice (go easy lad… you have eaten there enough times.) Our favourites include the steamed dumplings, rolled beef pancakes, and selection of sides including kimchi and seaweed.