Ton Makok: Grand river views for a grand

Because of the saturation of awards ceremonies sponsored by French tyres manufactures and overpriced sparkling waters, the prices for top tables in the City of Angels have sky rocketed over the last couple of years – out of reach of 99% of Thais, and probably the majority of tourists.

This has disrupted Bangkok’s fine dining scene and impacted our original intensions for this blog; that we could boast about heavenly flavours at affordable prices – tasting menus that were experimental not ostentatious, and popular local chefs who had not found global fame via a Netflix series.

We have, therefore, decided to switch tactics. They are still out there. These first world nom noms. But we are going to work harder to find the hidden gems in this city we call our home. Restaurants with romantic scenery, rugged good looks, or a beguiling atmosphere. But most importantly: delicious food that doesn’t break the budget. Today, we shall start with breezy riverside dining:

Ton Makok, Baan Wanglang

How to get there: Tha Wan Lang Pier

There was no Ginger, Scary or Baby spice performing. But a lemongrass spice, a carb spice, a tangy spice and a goes-straight-to-your-hips spice.It was an onslaught and intensity of spices that guaranteed I would need to go to the toilet for a head wash afterwards.

The moo grob contained ludicrously large lumps of fat, to which were attached the sumptuously saturated crispy skin, with some fatty meat deposits playing the part of third bassoon in the symphony of flavours. Sprinkled with crunchy garlic, this dish was to die for.

The pork and pad see ew were better than our local favourite, Charm. And it only cost 1,000 baht in total. What a steal for a great riverside location.

Our meal for 1,000 baht:

  • MANG KA NA (green leaf wraps with a gooey meat substance, cashews and shit-loads of chillis)
  • YUM NEUA YANG MA KHEUA PAO (tender Australian wagyu beef with eggplant and chillis)
  • MOO GROB KUA PRIK KEUA (Chinese kale with pork crackling and a thick gravy)
  • PAD SEE EW GAI (fat fried noodles with chicken and veg)
  • KA NA MOO GROB (fatty pork crackling)