Sathorn Love: Arguably Bangkok’s best neighbourhood

Sathorn Soi 12 bangkok best neighbourhood

The daylight dulls to gold and crickets begin their song. Street food vendors swap shifts. Leo-drinking labourers sit in groups along the street curbs. The street-side tables begin to fill outside the areas swankiest bars and restaurants.

As traffic-free and leafy green as Ari by day, and as energetic and diverse as Thong Lor by night. It’s easy to spend 24 hours in the little neighbourhood under the shadow of Bangkok’s Lego-brick skyscraper.

From quality coffee served by knowledgable baristas to homely cafes made for lounging. From delicious street food at any hour of the day to community drinking spots that revel in after-hours lock-ins. From eye-poppingly priced craft beers and wine, to the best of New Zealand’s imports, intense Thai flavours and four of Asia’s 50 Best restaurants.

These are a few of our favourite things that make Sathorn 10-12 arguably the best neighbourhood in Bangkok.

Break the fast

Break the fast

Review – Rocket Coffeebar: Real coffee to launch your morning

rocket coffee bar, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Rocket places real emphasis on its in-house freshly baked goods, European-style savouries, and its efforts to brew quality coffee. It succeeds. It is the best coffee in the neighbourhood, if not, Bangkok.

Feel So Good cafe

Feel So Good Cafe, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

The most reasonable prices for coffees and cold drinks in the neighbourhood. Pop in to this modest venue for a recharge. Some stay to tap away on keyboards or read an ebook. It’s not as comfortable as Another Cup. But without pandering to a western/elitist crowd, its by far the best value for money ‘morning break’ in the ‘hood.

Review coming – Luka: Bangkok’s healthy stylish brunch

Luka cafe, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Luka is the ultimate neighbourhood café. Every business ingredient perfectly complements the other to create a relaxed environment with dishes that excite you.

Review – Another Cup: Lounge, work, chat or chill

another cup, cafe, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

We beg to differ. It is just an ordinary cup of coffee. But the creative and healthy all-day breakfasts more than justify a visit. Another Cup is the perfect cafe to spend all day working on your laptop (no one will challenge you for frugal spending). The menu offers so many good choices and a nutrition-boosting clean power salad for the health conscious.

Dean & DeLuca: Gourmet food lacking soul, flavour and value for money

Dean-And-Deluca-Cafe, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

It classifies itself as an upmarket retailer carrying specialty foods. Bafflingly, it trumpets the “prepared dishes”. But that’s nothing to be proud of. Thai property developer Pace Development Corp. bought the brand for $140 million in 2014. That’s all you need to know. Soulless.

The W Hotel: Accompanied by button-pushing DJ playing recorded music

The W Hotel brunch, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

W Does Brunch decries its fortnightly event is “twice the fun”. We disagree. The W Does Brunch tales place every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. We’re invited to feast at the “most-happening brunch in town”. Literally impossible, the treats are not unlimited, but they offer great cocktail and live beats by their untalented button pushers.

Watering holes

Watering holes

Review – Le Cafe des Stagiaires: Belgian beers chez nous

cafe de stagiaires Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Every charming, gaudy and ridiculous nic-nac imaginable has been crammed into the cafe, upstairs and down. Including paintings, antique artefacts, and even wait staff’s CVs in the toilets.

Marcel Casual French Bar & Bistro

marcel french bar bistro, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

We haven’t sampled any food, drinks or wine. Many times we have stood at the lectern outside the bar to peruse the menu. It always felt a little to expensive and lacking in atmosphere for us. Perhaps we never visited at the right time of evening.

Revolucion Cocktail

Revolucion cocktail bar, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Revolucion Cocktail Bangkok is a Cuban-inspired cocktail club. They offer reinvented classic cocktails or exclusive signature recipes. Arrive before the crowds to eat some appetising tapas and finish the night off on the dance floor. The venue is exquisitely decorated and the bar staff showy. The new addition of a pool out the back has proven popular with weekend crowds and young families.

Hanakaruta Sathorn Sake Bar

Hanakaruta Sathorn SAKE Bar&Japanese Food, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

A wall of alcohol the length of the bar and up to the mezzanine, stacked with spirits and rice wines.


Mid-priced top tables

Review – Third time’s the Charm: Thai eatery

Charm thai eatery bar Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

The food is medium-priced Thai fare, offering all the favourites in eye catching earthy displays, from pad see ew (packed with vegetables Aussie style).

Reviewed coming – Lady Brett: The best-priced, most underrated Thai tastes

Lady Brett Thai restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

The most succulent chicken in Bangkok. We love their succulent breasts. The best value in town and the tomatoey sauce with the ratatouille is spot on. For 280b that’s ridiculous.

Review – Kai: Fantastic beefs and where to find them

kai new zealand bar restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Quality Kiwi kills and imports. A large venue that offers so much, including a wide range of salads and  vegetarian options. But its the meat and seafood imports that keep calling us back. Tuck into a few craft beers if don’t mind a bill that escalates out of control. The better option is to drink between the hours of four and eight, supping on the stock-standard SInghas et al.

Review – Supanniga Eating Room: Rich, flavoursome Isaan creations

Supanniga Eating Rooms, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Supanniga Thai food, Isaan style. In competition with our Thai friends to withstand the intensity of Thai cooking, they would always beat us, glands down.

Kumi: Healthy eating

Kumi restaurant and healthy corner, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Kumi Restaurant & Healthy Corner brings something good to the table: good food, good times and all the best benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating trends come and go, but eating well involves more than trying out the latest superfood or amazing diet plan. Healthy eating is a way of life.

Fancy dining

Fancy dining: Truly the best neighbourhood

Review – At the counter: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Bangkok

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

The big money boys have rolled into town, and they’re having fun while doing it. When you dine at Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier, make sure you thoughtfully contemplate each mouthful of sumptuous spit-roasted poultry. No. 40 of Asia’s 50 Best

Sorrento: Italian fine dining

sorrento italian restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Villa De Sorrento, an Italian restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine with great wine selection and cocktail varieties. Villa De Sorrento is a collaboration between expert culinary team who pioneer Italian and European cuisine in Thailand and award winning bartender team (World Top 20 Best Bartender of the year 2015 and Thailand Best Bartender of the year2015).

Bunker Sathorn

bunker restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Bunker is a casual fine dining restaurant and craft beer and cocktail bar. Their dishes are inspired by the culinary landscape of modern day metropolitan American cities like LA, San Fran and NYC. They dedicate and pride themselves on sourcing ingredients for the highest quality and sustainability.

The House on Sathorn: No.36 of Asia’s 50 Best

house on sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

The colonial mansion built in 1889 on Sathorn Road in the heart of Bangkok offers nostalgic, theatrical flair to the city’s old-and-new juxtaposing scene as it is transformed into a hot venue fuelled with artisanal Asian-inspired cuisine, cocktails, and exceptional art and performance converge.

The House on Sathorn, one of Bangkok’s most recognisable  landmarks, is located at the Sathorn and Narathiwas intersection, next to W Bangkok hotel. The House on Sathorn’s restaurant, bar, courtyard and conservatory play host to an opulent fine dining experience in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Le Du: No.37 of Asia’s 50 Best

Le Du Thai restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

Le Du is a modern Thai-inspired restaurant offering exciting dishes created from seasonal Thai ingredients. In addition, we have a great selection of wine.

Cheap eats

Cheap Eats

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu South Indian restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

South Indian and halal-friendly cuisine. 5/1, Silom Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand. Cheap and delicious food and a break from the alcohol in Bangkok’s best neighbourhood.

Further afield

Review – Nadimos Authentic Lebanese: Fr-fr-fr-fr-fresssh

Nadimos-Lebanese-Restaurant, Sathorn, best neighbourhood, Bangkok

It’s a 15-min walk from Bangkok’s best neighbourhood but the superior menu is a permanent fixture on our weekly roster of eating out. Despite the somewhat kitsch interior, and tacky flowing, illuminated waterfall paintings, the restaurant is more stylish than its nearest competitors.

Most certainly though, you come for the food – authentic Lebanese with the freshest ingredients and great variety and quantity. You decide how healthy or unhealthy you want to be. It’s all delicious. Particularly as you over-egg the garlic sauce.

Highlights: Hearty shawarmas and shish kebabs. Hummus (mashed chickpeas with sesame paste), tabouleh (chopped parsley and tomatoes with a fresh, zesty citrus overtones), baba ganoush (smokey, grilled eggplant dip), falafel and moussaka (cooked salad with onions, tomatoes and eggplants).

It won’t make it on to the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, but it has a very special place in our hearts.