Brunch at Crepes & Co?
Baguette about it

The Crepes & Co staff wear horizontal blue-and-white striped t-shirts; an effort by management to affirm the restaurant’s francophone status. Fortunately, management haven’t taken the joke too far by making them wear French berets and a string of onions. The space is family friendly and a comfortable setting for anyone with no interest in flavour and who opts for style over substance.

Nadimos Authentic Lebanese:

Now listen up. We need to get a little serious and talk about your eating habits. I’ve been worried lately about the lack of nutrition and real food in your diet. What you need is an injection of Mediterranean goodness and more variety.

Kai New Zealand: Fantastic beefs
and where to find them

Kai offers some of the best-quality imported meats and a beautiful fish and chips. Come here if you want to be really healthy (fresh baby spinach salad with halloumi) or indeed really naughty (the fatty beef short rib with deep fried kumara).

Third time’s the Charm: Thai eatery

The best seats in the house on a balmy Bangkok evening are on the pavement out front or the balcony above. The majority of traffic is brought to the area by the customers so the road is comfortable and serene enough under the shadow of the Mahanakon, the skyscraper in Optimus Prime form.

Le Café des Stagiaires:
Belgian beers chez nous

Every charming, gaudy and ridiculous nic-nac imaginable has been crammed in to the cafe, upstairs and down. Including paintings, antique artifacts, and even wait staff’s CVs in the toilets.