Noodle Lady: A street cart we desire

Our #SathornLove write-up would not be complete without including our favourite street food joint. The stall is nameless (as far as us Anglos can tell) but between 11am and 2pm just follow the office workers to this very popular noodle cart. Located opposite The Ivy Sathorn condo, its tables line the side of the 7-Eleven on the corner of Sathorn Soi 10.

Noodle Lady (possibly not her real name) keeps it simple. She douses a generous pile of gelatinous noodles (choose your thickness) with a flavoursome broth and plonks in your preferred protein source. Choose from egg (for the vegetarians), shredded chicken breast or juicy leg (our choice) or liver and chicken feet (for the adventurous).

Street food Sathorn.JPG

We love the overflowing plates of fresh vegetables and herbs on every table (the basil leaves really give the dish a kick), plus unlimited peanuts, sugar, sauces and chilli that allow you to pep up (or pet up*) your dish to your palette’s content. We like our food spicy – but skip the chilli – unless you have a change of clothes and sweat towel at the ready. Whatever the weather, and if you’re feeling under the weather, it’s a great hangover cure.

At just 45 baht per bowl, you can justify some real expensive #firstworldnomnoms in the evening (if you ever recover your hunger).

*the word ‘pet’ is Thai for spicy