Holey sourdough: Artisan bakery on Soi Suan Phluu

Are you looking for a place to go for one last supper? Then head to Holy Bakery to break sourdough with a cuppa.Just like the bread, it’s a tough one for Isabella and me to chew; Soi Suan Phluu is a superior neighbourhood to our own for its bohemian mix of artisan cafes, restaurants and bars, leafy green trees and reduced traffic.

They have a great selection of salads, pizza squares, panini, sandwiches (arguably the same thing), coffees, cakes and croissants, and pies, pastries and puffs (arguably the same thing).The customers in the cafe are predominantly westerners and English-speaking Thais in the top 1 percent who can afford a AU $5 coffee and a $18 sarnie.

But… holy bakery, Batman, that’s some deliciously crusty bread. This is the go-to Bangkok bakery for anyone living here. Our friends throughout the city set their weekend clock by the delivery of croissants or a large, crunchy sourdough.

Marcolino Holey Bakery Soi Suanplu

Compared to Isabella’s 400 baht Marcolino sandwich (Italian ham, cheese, Mediterranean veges and herbs), I saved myself 150 baht by opting for the Love Story (smoked ham and brie in a passionate red onion chutney). Alas, it meant I missed out on a fuller crusty experience that ensured Isabella would start her day with a warm sour glow.

One bitter gripe: in our short time dining in, we saw enough plastic carrier bags walk out the front door to fill a whale’s belly.

Here’s an interesting footnote: soi = alley; s√ľan = garden; and phluu = betel vine. We didn’t see a garden of beetle vines.