Elements Okura Hotel: Dearth, whinge and dire

A dearth of flavours was the one constant throughout the meal. The enjoyable flow of conversation between four good friends was consistently interrupted by an outburst of whingeing about each course. Granted, the dishes were beautiful to look at, but we found the food dire and the inflated bill offensive.

Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018: Three restaurants awarded Two Stars

Three two-star restaurants, 14 one-star restaurants and 35 Bib Gourmand restaurants selected by the first-ever Michelin Guide Bangkok, 2018. Three of Bangkok’s finest restaurants have each been awarded two Michelin Stars by the inaugural Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018, which was unveiled at an awards ceremony hosted at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Bangkok today. Indian restaurant…

Bo.lan: Familiar, fiery Thai pleasures

I do love that point at the end of a Thai meal when you all share the same fiery sensation in the mouth and face. Your dining companions attempt to maintain the same level of energy and conversation, but all you’d really rather do is just sit back and enjoy the flavours and pleasurable heat.

When you enter the grounds of Bo.lan’s new, relocated restaurant, you are welcomed by that charming familiarity of traditional Thai elegance, as though you stepped into the life’s domestic accomplishments of a well-to-do Thai grandmother. The stylish, low-lit gardens are matched by the stylish, low-lit interior.

Paste Artisanal Thai: Overpriced, lacking real punch

Gaysorn, a shopping centre for hi-so (high society/rich) Thais and visiting ‘ferrangs’ (foreigners) is located smack-bang in the centre of the capital’s shopping district on Sukhumvit Road. We’re always suspicious of restaurants who, in part, relinquish control of their brand to be housed in the anonymous surrounds of a shopping mall.

Much of the Thai lifestyle revolves around shopping centres; possibly because the chilly air-conditioning offers respite from the incessant heat on the grimy city streets. In a society where 95% of the population identifies as Buddhist, 100% attend worship at the cathedrals of commercialism or the markets.

Maido’s Nikkei Experience: Gastronomy dialled up to 11-ty stupid

When an artist frees their mind from the concept of harmony and the boundaries of creativity, they can do whatever they want; and humankind has the capacity to achieve just about anything. Last night, these boundaries shifted for Isabella and me, transporting us to the outer-limits of gastronomic genius.