About us

About us

Wentworth and Isabella like to travel. Which is nothing unique. They like to eat. A physiological necessity, one might say. And they enjoy combining the two and sharing their experiences in web log format. Oh marvellous, yet another travelling food blog. How quaint!

But don’t be so quick to blame them. Go point your accusing finger at Tim Burners Lee (the inventor of the internet), camera phones, TripAdvisor and Facebook for making it so easy to spread stories, misinformation, truths, half truths, alternative facts and way too many opinions, ad infinitum.

Ok, enough of the pseudo-intellectual, pretentious writer bullshit (and a return to the first-person plural). Here are the (real) facts. Thailand is world renowned for its cuisine. This has been helped by the Thai diaspora spreading its wings across the globe and embedding its roots in mostly Anglo countries and cities. From LA to London to Launceston (it’s in Australia). Their strong aromatic flavours and spicy ingredients certainly put British cuisine to shame. Cucumber sandwiches, anyone?

Here in Bangkok we are blessed with an abundance of food at affordable prices. You may encounter equally delicious dishes at the stall of a creative street vendor as you can while dining at the hands of a Michelin-star chef in opulent surroundings. The food is generally more affordable and of far greater quality than we expect in our respective home countries. Even at Backpacker Central on the Khao San Road.

Meanwhile, the swell of expat communities has helped to shape the colour and flavour of different neighbourhoods; the most prominent being Japanese, Chinese, Western and Middle Eastern. Each enclave draws on their influences from home to contribute to a rich, multicultural tapestry of food delights.

The food blog

Week by week, we will record our discoveries and hopefully give you something to chew on. We begin with visits to some of Bangkok’s most famous restaurants, including those which made it on to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, such as Gaggan, Eat Me, Nahm and Bo.Lan. As we progress, we aim to create a culinary mapping of our favourite restaurants, food markets and neighbourhoods that presents the rich cartography of the city and its communities.

Sometimes we’ll get serious. Other times, a little political. But mostly our bloggings will be quick, light-hearted and easy-to-navigate.

Our philosophy: ‘Regularly go raving; take an interest in your community, environment and politics; and right-wing politics is usually wrong.’

So let’s get started. ‘Party on Wayne. Party on [outdated 90s movie reference] Garth’.

[Please note: All opinions are our own and not shared by the Daily Mail or Brisbane Courier Mail]

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Wentworth and Isabella (left to right): in the days before everything began giving in to gravity

The 50-50 wine test

While Isabella and Wentworth share an even-handed relationship, the competitive rivalry they share is also fairly healthy – particularly when it comes to food. A great example is at the end of dinner when the discussion turns to who owns the last piece of chocolate cake. This can, at times, become quite heated with comments such as: “But your four pieces were bigger than my four pieces”.

After a few years of experiencing this strain, they opted for a new approach to the 50-50 food wars. They decided to split the food according to growth aims: considering who wanted a trimmer figure and who needed the fuel to build more muscle.

However, that 60-40 rule simply wouldn’t cut it for sharing alcohol. Isabella is fiercely eagle-eyed over the waiter’s distribution of wine from a shared bottle. What they found particularly bemusing was the consistency with which male waiters gave Wentworth more.

From here on, they will monitor and record the glass wine levels whenever they drink with their meal.